Team Chaplain


Edward Willoughby III, (P.J.)

Edward Willoughby III, better known as P.J., was called into the ministry of pastoring in the year of 2012. He is the founder and senior pastor at Foundation of Faith Ministry Inc, established in 2013. Edward identifies himself as a true Shepard, one who guides the sheep and keeps them safe and protected as he does with the word of God. He truly believes and teaches that God’s word protects us and keep us safe from the enemy. Edward began his ministry visiting local nursing homes. The ministry was later expanded to include a prison ministry and community outreach. Edward graduated from Pensacola High School (PHS) in 1999 where he was an avid sportsman participating in basketball, track and field. P.J. currently has sixteen years of employment with the United Parcel Service. He loves spending time with his wife and children. He believes in meeting the people where they are. Edward always brings with him and shows the “father’s heart” that souls may be healed, delivered, set free and born again in Christ Jesus. As the spiritual leader for the Golden Elite track and field, Edward will move forward to encourage the team to stay in their lane, stay the course, and don’t look back. He makes reference to Luke 9:62, And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

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