Q: How old does my child have to be to participate in Golden Elite Track and Field?

A: We train athletes age 4-18 and work with some college athletes needing to improve their times or distance for scholarship

Q: When is off season training and how much?

A: Off season training is October-December (see registration tab for more information) and it is free of charge.

Q: How long is off season?

A: Off season training is from October-December.

Q: What organization are you affiliated with?


Q: During outdoor Spring/Summer season is it for competition only?

A: No, during outdoor season we offer traveling competition team and non-competition team

Q: What area do you train athletes in?

A: Athletes are assessed and trained (regardless of competition or non competition) in sprint training, distance training, and field events.

Q: What attire does my child need to wear and what do we bring to practice?

A: Athletes should wear running shorts, tennis shoes (no basketball, high tops, and no spikes are needed during off season). Bring water and a towel.

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