2022 Off-season and Outdoor Season FAQ

1. How old does my child have to be to participate in Golden Elite Track and Field?

A: During off-season we train athletes age 4-18 and during Spring/Summer outdoor we train athletes ages 7-18, and work with some college /master athletes needing to improve their times or distance for scholarship and competition.

2. How long is the 2022 season?

A: Off-season September 17- December 31

Outdoor Spring/Summer Season Non-competition Mid-February- June

Outdoor Spring/Summer Season Traveling competition team February- July (August if your child advances to the Junior Olympics)

3. What organization are you affiliated with?


4. What does the off-season training offer?

A: Off-season provides the following:

  • Conditioning for existing track and field athletes
  • Fundamentals of running
  • Sprint training
  • Distance Training
  • Field event training

5. During outdoor Spring/Summer season is it for competition only?

A: No, during the Spring/Summer outdoor season we offer a traveling competition team (Tryouts are required) and non-competition team.

6. What area do you train athletes in?

A: Athletes are assessed and trained (regardless of competition or non-competition) in sprinting, distance, or field events.

7. When does registration open for the season?

A: Please see registration tab.

8. How do I register?                                                       

9. Click the “registration tab” on our website and click the online form link. 

10. What is the cost to join?

A: Fees All fees are Non-Refundable Even if Season is Canceled Early

  • Off-season Tiny Tots Ages 4-6 $25 per child and youth ages 7-18 $35 per child
  • Spring/Summer Training Non-competition $150 for the first child and $75 for each additional child. Ages 6-18 
  • Traveling competition team BY TRYOUTS ONLY
  • 1 child=$350, 2 children= $300 each (saving $100), 3 children= $250 each (saving $150) and for each additional child after your third child is $200 each (Ex 4 children $750+$200=$950).  DUE BY SECOND PRACTICE UNLESS PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT IS NEEDED

*All athletes will start as non-competition until they’ve completed tryouts, if your child makes the competition traveling team then the remainder competition fee will be due based on the number of children you have that advance after tryouts.

Q: When is registration fee due?

A: All fees are due after the first practice. 

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