Ric Rodriquez is the youth pastor at My Father’s Vineyard here in Pensacola, FL. He met Coach Mike a little over a year ago and instantly fell in love with the heart and vision of Golden Elite. Ric saw first hand Coach Mike’s dedication to molding young people through encouraging character development and teaching on the importance of a drug free lifestyle, integrity, respect for oneself, team work, and sportsmanship – coaching that goes far beyond just training track athletes. Ric knew this track season was the right time to connect with Coach Mike and Golden Elite and use his experience and gifting of connecting to young people. Ric has been in full time ministry for 17 years and has had success in connecting to young people on their level to teach them about healthy relationships, God, their purpose, and overcoming obstacles in their lives. Ric’s approach for this is to build a relationship with the athletes through encouragement, humor, and love. His motto to the athletes of Golden Elite will be motto that he says to his twin children on a daily basis: “I love you, I believe in you, and you are a champion.”

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